Uji Validitas Panel Pemeriksaan Mean Corpuscular Volume, Indeks Mentzer dan Fragilitas Osmotik Tabung Tunggal untuk Skrining Talasemia Minor terhadap Pemeriksaan HbA2 Menggunakan High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Fridayenti - Fridayenti, Nadjwa Zamalek Dalimoenthe, Delita Prihatni, Nina Susana Dewi


Thalassemia is a disease caused by reduced or loss of synthesis of globin chains and then hemoglobin becomes abnormal. Characteristic screening in the population needs to be done to prevent marriage among people with thalassemia minor and reduce the birth of babies with thalassemia mayor. Combining several simple tests such as MCV, Mentzer index and single tube osmotic fragility test can increase the effectiveness of the test for screening of thalassemia minor. The purpose of this study was to determine the sensitivity and specificity of each panel for MCV-Mentzer index, MCV-single tube osmotic fragility, and Mentzer index- single tube osmotic fragility test panel against HbA2 in screening for the thalassemia minor. This study is observational with cross-sectional study design. The study was conducted at the Clinical Pathology Laboratory of Arifin Achmad Hospital Pekanbaru in June-August 2020. There were 27 subjects who had MCV values <80 fl out of 230 screened subjects. Then on 27 research subjects were calculated for Mentzer index, single tube osmotic fragility test and HPLC. The research results show the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value of the MCV-Mentzer index panel for screening of thalassemia minor were 11.8%, 90%, 66.7% and 37.5%, respectively. For the MCV-single tube osmotic fragility panel was, respectively, 70.6%, 20%, 60% and 28.6% and for the Mentzer index- single tube osmotic fragility panel was 11.8%, 90%, 66, 7% and 37.5% respectively. The conclusion is that the MCV-single tube osmotic fragility panel has better sensitivity than the MCV-Mentzer index panel or the Menzer index-single tube osmotic fragility panel that it can be used to screen for thalassemia minor in the premarital population in Pekanbaru. 


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