Gambaran Penderita Filariasis di Kabupaten Meranti Provinsi Riau Periode 2009-2014

Esy Maryanti, Andriyani Andriyani, Suyanto Suyanto


Filariasis is one of the health problems in Indonesia due to its long-term effect on permanent disability if
not treated properly. The purpose of this study is to describe people with filariasis in Meranti District of
Riau Province 2009-2014. The methods is a descriptive retrospective cross-sectional study using medical
records of patients diagnosed with filariasis in hospitals and all health centers in the District of Meranti.
The result showed 38 patients with filariasis, and the highest case of filariasis were in Puskesmas Pulau
Merbau (94.8%). Distribution by gender, age and type of occupation as follows: men by 71%, 86.8% of the
subject belong to the age group 15-64 years old, and 65.8% were outdoor workers, 52.6% of lymphedema
was reported and the location of lymphedema mostly found on each leg (18.4%). All lymphedema were
belong to all the stage not exceed stage III. All cases of filariasis in this study were managed according to
the standard treatment.


Tissue nematode, lymphedema, Riau Province.

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