Penggunaan Antibiotik Profilaksis Pada Pembedahan Terbuka Batu Saluran Kemih Di RSUD Arifin Ahmad Provinsi Riau

Dimas Pramita Nugraha, Dina Fauzia, M.Yulis Hamidy, M.Irvan Noorrahman


Open surgery urinary tract stones are classified as clean-contaminated surgerywheresurgical prophylactic antibiotics
are recommended.The purpose of this study was to determine the pattern and correct use of surgical prophylactic
antibiotic in patients undergoing open surgery urinary tract stones in Arifin Ahmad Hospital.This research is a descriptive
study using secondary data from medical records of patients who underwent open surgery urinary tract stones, with a
total sample amounted to 82 people. The precision of the use of antibiotics assessed based PermenkesGuidelines Use
of Antibiotics.The results showed the use of prophylactic antibiotics for urinary tract surgery have not been precisely
classified according to the indication the use of antibiotics andthe timing of antibiotics.Even though the duration
antibiotics, dosage, and route of administration of prophylactic antibiotics are appropriate under the guidelines.The
use of prophylactic antibiotics for open surgery urinary tract stones need improvement.


Surgery, urinary tract stones, prophylactic antibiotics

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