Gambaran Terapi Diabetes Melitus Tipe 2 dengan Komorbid Hipertensi di Rumah Sakit X Pekanbaru

Inayah Inayah, M. Yulis Hamidy, Mayang Sari


The contribution of hypertension to diabetes, as the leading cause of death, is very important. Thus, aggressive
management in diabetes mellitus patients comorbid with hypertension is thouroghly required. The purpose of the
descriptive study is to describe the treatment of cormobide type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Data were
retrieved from the medical records of patients’ X hospital in Pekanbaru through period January - December 2014.
There were 285 subjects. The average of age and random blood glucose level are 57.73 (± 9.95) and 260.67 (±
126.93) mg/dL, consecutively. The systolic blood pressure of e”160 mmHg (38.9%) and diastolic blood pressure of
80-89 mmHg(40,7%) are moslty found in this study. Oral Anti-Diabetic Drugs (ADD) are administered to 83.15% of
the subjects, while 3.5% of the subjects are given insulin. The most frequent oral ADD administerd is the combinaton
of two drugs (49.47%), of Metformin group (90.3%) with daily dose 1000-1500 mg (74.26%). The most common
Anti Hypertension Drugs used is angiotensin receptor blocker 75.8 % (candesartan 66.24 % & valsartan 9.55 %).
The conclusion is metformin and candesartan were the most common drugs used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus
comorbid with hypertension.


anti-diabetic drugs, diabetes mellitus type 2, anti-hypertension drugs, Hypertension

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