Profil Pasien Leukemia Anak di RSUD Arifin Achmad Provinsi Riau Periode Tahun 2013-2014

Fridayenti Fridayenti, Huriatul Masdar, Sherly Asriani


Leukemia is a malignancy of hematologic disease characterized by replacement of normal bone marrow by abnormal
blood cells. Malignant neoplasm that most common in children. The aim of this study is to describe profiles of
leukemia in children in Arifin Achmad General Hospital period 2013-2014. This is a descriptive retrospective study.
The data was used 48 medical records of child with leukemia. The highest frequency of child with leukemia was
found in the age group of 5-9 years old (39.5%), the most frequent gender was male (62.5%) and mostly come from
Pekanbaru (20.8%). Based on pheripheral blood smear, acute leukemia was found in 31.3 %, pancytopenia 22.9%,
normocyitic anemia 18,8, hypocromic anemia 16.7% and neutropenia 2%. Based on morphologic of bone marrow
ALL was found in 79.2%, AML 10.4%, CML 8.3% and 2% analyzing was not included in leukemia. There are only
15 patients having immunophenotyping assesment, 86.6% are ALL B-lineage, 6.7% are AML and 6.7% result was
not sensitive to any leukemia marker.


Characteristics of leukemia, children

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