Efek Inhibitor Proteasom Terhadap Gambaran Histopatologi Jantung pada Tikus yang diinduksi Aterosklerosis

Ilhami Romus, Ismawati Ismawati, Indah Putri Arwandi


Proteasome inhibitors are compounds that can inhibit the proteasome pathway in carrying out its functions. Proteasome inhibitors have a beneficial effect due to their anti-inflammatory properties. The proteasome inhibitor used in this study was bortezomib. This study aimed to analyze the effect of proteasome inhibitors on cardiac histopathology in atherosclerosis-induced rats. This study used male Rattus novergicus Wistar strain which was divided into 3 groups, namely the control group, the atherosclerosis-induced group and the atherosclerosis-induced group and given bortezomib. The results obtained the mean scores of edema, inflammation and necrosis in the atherosclerosis group were given bortezomib at a dose of 50 g/kgBW were less than the atherosclerosis group. Theese difference were statistically significant  (p<0.05). This study concluded that the administration of bortezomib can reduce the Impact of atherosclerotic lesions on the heart muscle.


Atherosclerosis, Bortezomib, Histopathology, Heart


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