Konstipasi pada Kehamilan

Ligat Pribadi Sembiring


Constipation is a condition often found in pregnant women and can lead to various complications. Based on
pathophysiology, constipation can be classified into constipation due to structural abnormalities and functional
constipation. Constipation in pregnant women is classified as the functional constipation caused by hormonal factors,
changes in diet, growth of fetus, decrease in physical activities and the position of the defecation. The management of
constipation during pregnancy take precedence on non pharmacological therapy. Pharmacological therapy (laxatives)
that can be used is the bulk-forming agents and osmotic laxatives, however, they are only when absolutely necessary
and are not for long term use. The reasons are to avoid dehydration and electrolyte imbalance in pregnant women.


constipation, pregnancy, non pharmacological therapy, laxatives.

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