Modifikasi Sistem Asistensi dan Responsi Kelas Kecil pada Praktikum Parasitologi Blok Digestif dan Hematoimunologi Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Riau

Suri Dwi Lesmana, Esy Maryanti


Faculty of Medicine University of Riau has been implementing Competency Based Curriculum (KBK) with the
Problem Based Learning (PBL) since 2007 with the implementation of teaching and learning activities of the system
consists of a tutorial activities, skillab, expert lectures, independent and practical. However, there are still many
problems in the implementation of the KBK on preclinic degree. One part of the block that is identified to be one of
the causes of low graduation exam block is less efective coaching laboratory practice. Parasitology is one part of the
task is to provide laboratory practice in several blocks on the stage of preclinic especially digestive and hematoimunology
block. This study aimed to compare the results of the evaluation of parasitology laboratory practice in hematoimunology
and digestive assistance and posttest in large classes with small class. Assistance and posttest in large class performed
on the digestive block implementation and hematoimunologi in 2011 while assisting and posttest of small classes on
a block implementation in 2012. Average value of small class digestive laboratory practice was not significantly
lower than the large class but the proportion of the value of quality B and C more many in small classes. The mean
value of the block hematoimunologi laboratory practice significantly higher on small class assistance and posttest as
well as the proportion of the value of quality A, B and C was higher in small classes than large classes.


Assistance, posttest, laboratory practice, parasitology

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