Nyamuk: Peran Pola Gigit dan Pilihan Inang Dalam Kompetensi sebagai Vektor

Forman Erwin Siagian, Janno BB Bernardus, Robiatul Adawiyah, Esy Maryanti


Mosquitoes act as vector of fatal diseases such as malaria and dengue hemorrhagic fever since a long time ago. Thru
its biting, it can transfer diseases from one sick individu to another ‘immunologically naïve’ people. Biting patterns
and host preference play an important role in transmission of disease. Those two might differ among species, even
between strain from different region. Geographic and some other enviromental play an important role on mosquitoes’s
individual ability. By knowing those factors will built better understanding on the role of mosquitoes on disease


mosquitoes, transmission, parasite, hospes, geography

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