Hubungan Miopia dengan Prestasi Akademik dan Pola Melihat Dekat pada Mahasiswa Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Riau

Elda Nazriati, Chandra Wijaya


Prevalence rates of myopia in many Asian urban countries reaching epidemic proportion. It has long been observed
that myopic children have higher IQ, and association between myopia and higher level of near work. This study aims
to quantify the association myopia with school achievement and near work in Riau University medical students. The
prevalence rate of myopia in Riau University medical students was 31.4 % (76 students). Myopia students as cases
group compare to emmetropic students as control group. This study showed that high significant association myopia
with near work profile and no significant association myopia with school achievement. Myopia students more likely to
have risk near work profile than emmetropic students (x2 test P < 0.001) with odds ratio 6.12. Myopia students more
likely to have high GPA than emmetropic students (OR 1.34) but interaction between myopia and school achievement
were not significant (x2 test p> 0.05).


Myopia, near work, school achievement

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