Gambaran Hasil Pemeriksaan Sitologi Cairan Asites di Instalasi Patologi Anatomi RSUD Arifin Achmad Provinsi Riau Periode Januari 2013 – Desember 2017

Ilhami Romus, Ina Farida Rangkuti, Vini Jum’atur Rahmah


Ascites is abnormal accumulation fluid in the peritoneal cavity. Many underlying disease can be responsible
for causing ascites. Peritoneal fluid cytology remains the gold standard for detection of malignant cells in
ascites which is useful in determining staging, treatment and prognosis. This aim of this study is to describe
the characteristic of the result ascitic cytology examination at Anatomical Pathology Department of Arifin
Achmad Hospital Period January 2013 – December 2018. This study reviewed the anatomy pathology data.
A total of 171 cases consisted of 91.8% were females and males were 8.2%. The highest number cases
were in the age group of 41-50 years (26.9%). Most ascitic fluid came from Department of Obstetric and
Gynecology (81.9%). The more frequent clinical diagnosis were ovarian carcinoma (19.3%) and ovarian
cyst (18.7%). Most ascitic cytology examination results was positive cytology (64,9%). Adenocarcinoma
was commonest positive cytology (46,2%).


ascites, ascitic fluid, cytology examination, clinical diagnosis

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