Konsumsi Ikan dan Potensi Anisakiasis: Aspek Komunikasi Kesehatan Masyarakat Suatu Program Pemerintah

Ekarini Daroedono


Communication in the health sector plays an important role in the context of educating people and the society. The
emphasis is rely primarily on promoting health so that behavior changes occur. One of the example is a government
program “GEMARIKAN” which was designated to increase fish consumption in the community. Unfortunately, the
triumph upon this programme is overshadowed by the potential transmission of zoonotic infections of the nematode
worm named Anisakis spp. This worm can caused a potentially fatal and deadly disease called anisakiasis. This risk can
be reduced by re-conducting numerous education in the community regarding these parasites, their life cycles, its host
behaviors and lifestyles that can facilitate transmission such as eating fish in raw conditions and the need of good
handling practices of fish to avoid transmission to occur.


anisakiasis, behavior, promotion, raw fish, zoonosis

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