Profil Ergonomis dan Proporsi Keluhan Muskuloskeletal pada Tenaga Kerja Bongkar Muat di Pelabuhan Bongkar Muat Kota Pekanbaru

Laode Burhanuddin M, Suyanto Suyanto, Zulfikar Zulfikar


Ergonomics deals with optimization, efficiency, health, safety, and comfort in the workplace. One of
this ergonomics principle approach is important for unloading workers in the harbour, because their
workplace and work-system have high risk of workplace accidents if the principles of ergonomics is
not applied. So, the effectivity, efficiency, productivity, comfort, and health of workers in the harbour
need to be maintained and improved with ergonomics approach. This research was held on harbour
in Pekanbaru city , with descriptive observasional method to describe risk of work ergonomy caused
by bad application of ergonomics at work and musculosceletal symptoms proportion of 19 unloading
workers by Nordic Body Map (NBM) questionnaire. The result is all unloading workers (100%) have
musculosceletal injury with various grade of injury. When being observed, none of all unloading
workers lift the load with the right method and no special technique had been used by unloading
workers to lift the load.


ergonomy, musculosceletal injury, occupational disease.

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